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"Novaserra is a pleasure to work with! They have paid close attention to details and have delivered quality information that is critical to our growing business."

- Gina Struebel
   Manager, Marketing,
   Alpha Pro Tech

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Organizational Design and Development

Rapidly changing business environments often mean that organizations must adapt quickly to stay competitive. A global workforce can also make matters more involved as corporate structures need to accommodate a wide range of variables critical to the ongoing viability of companies in the most competitive industries.

Novaserra has deep experience helping companies navigate complex change management issues often stemming from acquisitions or divestitures, corporate re-organizations, reductions in force, and other significant shifts in the current structure. Our consultants can recommend solutions for leadership to help the firm steer employees through the transformation and provide the support and guidance necessary for the business to operate with minimal disruptions and employee turnover.

Another area of expertise is assisting firms in industries with high rates of employee turnover ways to retain employees and create a work environment and incentive plans to keep your firm’s most important assets – the people.



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