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"Novaserra is a pleasure to work with! They have paid close attention to details and have delivered quality information that is critical to our growing business."

- Gina Struebel
Manager, Marketing,
Alpha Pro Tech

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Business Process Consulting and Outsourcing

At Novaserra, we offer a full scope of business process consulting ranging from diagnostic evaluations to identify opportunities for improvements all the way through full scale outsourcing capabilities that allow organizations to focus on their core competencies.  Novaserra’s goals are to assist you in building efficient, cost-effective and high performance companies. We evaluate and reengineer business processes for our clients using our extensive and in-depth industry knowledge, technological expertise and focused service orientation, helping transform businesses into dynamic, growth-driven leaders. 

Our team of professionals provides operational expertise to improve existing business process and drive the implementation and adoption of new processes.  This often results in immediate productivity improvements as well as diagnostic information to identify bottlenecks in performance and execution.  Novaserra's best practices involve aligning corporate objectives with existing business processes and creating standardized metrics to measure, monitor, and drive business performance.  After identifying opportunities for process improvements, we will collaborate with you to develop a practical approach to implement necessary changes.

The success of outsourcing depends upon the long-term vision and mission of the client. Our staff facilitates these discussions to develop a common vision and outsourcing strategy for the company. Once the outsourcing strategy is developed, the Novaserra team identifies processes to be outsourced, prepares the business case, devises internal and external communications plans, and develops an overall transition plan. It is not uncommon for Novaserra’s outsourcing clients to realize savings between 30 – 50%.  Other benefits gained from partnering with Novaserra’s outsourcing team include access to the latest technology and staff with industry-specific domain knowledge and round the clock access to services to make sure that your business is open when your clients need you. 


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